I Pray for you

I pray for you

I pray for the wolf on the inside

The one that thinks he’s hiding well

Acting like a sheep

I pray for you

For the carnality that takes over

That makes you messy

I pray for you

Because my kindness that you attempt to take for weakness is my biggest strength

I pray for your heart to be renewed

And your mind to be transformed

For the sake of not hurting another anymore



You want to walk a day in my shoes?

Let me give you the grand tour

Of the bumps and dead skin

from the miles I’ve put in

This marathon I’ve been running

Giving me all kinds of run ins

Betrayal & Death

and I hadn’t even hit the first mile yet

In this race there was much to face

just keep one foot in front of the other

With every step you take

Every time my mind or body hit a wall

I looked out in the crowd and my village never let down

Seeing their faces kept me going

Who would of ever thought I had it in me

To cross the finish line even with a hurt knee.

A true test of strength

Not just in the physical sense

This was truly a spiritual test

God carried me through

To help use me an example

That nothing he gives us we can’t handle

To all my marathoners out there running for their lives

Keep fighting the good fight!

Angry Black Woman

As I fight for my creative freedom

As I write this poem

I think of you…

Beautiful Black Woman

Who’s told to sit down shut up & take it

Don’t complain

You won’t be treated the same

Don’t raise your voice

Now you’re ghetto

Don’t play golf, tennis or any of “their” sports

Just the mere presence of you they won’t support

Where is the outrage & outcry for you?

You beautiful black woman you

Co Parent

I felt real good today

I prayed for you today

Despite all the mean things you said to me yesterday

Today I felt sad for you

Today I cried out for you

Praying that the storm that’s coming your way brings out the best of you

I want that for you

Truly, I do

Not for us

but for the little person that was created

By Us


Each Day

I’m stronger

Each Time

I’m bolder

I used to be nervous around you

Questioning my worth around you

But now I look at you knowing there’s a Queen standing next to this hurt

I don’t know what’s gotten into you

But I don’t see you the way I used to

The hold you had on me is fading

Time is healing in the waiting

I didn’t get under anyone to get over

Substitution is the temporary fix

Because your feelings you don’t want to expose em’

I’ve been a solider

Fighting through withdrawals

Not having you

For a while I could still taste you

The linger


had me run back to you

Kicked it to the curb

These thoughts.. absurd

Took back control and leaned on my faith

I kicked this bad habit

And I’m back on my game

I Want It

I Want it

Without guilt

I Want it

With a compromise

I Want it

With love in your eyes

I Want it

For our souls to collide

God will always be there!

The Devil tried it

Back against the wall

And my tears

I couldn’t fight them

Sat there

I couldn’t move

Unaware of what to do

God is punishing you

The serpent whispered

You got what you deserved

Stop being so giving

Stop being so nice

That’s the devil device

To kill your hope

Steal your joy

And destroy your purpose

So today I had to fight

My God doesn’t punish

He prepares

And although I’m in pain

My God will always be there

Father Comes Home From War

He left

Left to fight a battle , A WAR of regrets

I was 8

my heart has been at WAR ever since

And around it I built a fence

Became a man quick

To keep my loved ones in or was it out?

I’ve been having a lot of doubt

Will I turn out like him and leave for WAR too?

My fear is that I’d do that to you

father never came home from the WAR

Left us to fend for ourselves

He called from the field & it was infuriating

This birth call is outdated

20 something years, you think I sat by the phone and waited?

I’ve been too busy at WAR too

Not knowing how to forgive you

Say Her Name: Marielle Franco

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 8.01.52 AMI didn’t know you but I loved you

I didn’t know you but I knew you

The odds were stacked against you

A statistic they wanted to call you

Yet you broke the rules and believed your voice was true

They though you were a fool

She’s running for office eh? They thought you would lose

You proved them wrong

and became the first one

It was a triumph for the people

Until Your voice was a threat

You were a black woman

They wanted to make sure you didn’t forget

You should of played the game and stayed in your place

You were a Brazilian Angela Davis that got in their face

The face of corruption and lies

Tried to make them responsible

For their haneous crimes

So they marked you & tried to erase you

Black body slain is how I met you

Say her name

Marielle Franco

She was assassinated for changing the game


You’ve been marked

Marked by God

Created for purpose

Created to win

That strength to fight another day comes from within