Say Her Name: Marielle Franco

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 8.01.52 AMI didn’t know you but I loved you

I didn’t know you but I knew you

The odds were stacked against you

A statistic they wanted to call you

Yet you broke the rules and believed your voice was true

They though you were a fool

She’s running for office eh? They thought you would lose

You proved them wrong

and became the first one

It was a triumph for the people

Until Your voice was a threat

You were a black woman

They wanted to make sure you didn’t forget

You should of played the game and stayed in your place

You were a Brazilian Angela Davis that got in their face

The face of corruption and lies

Tried to make them responsible

For their haneous crimes

So they marked you & tried to erase you

Black body slain is how I met you

Say her name

Marielle Franco

She was assassinated for changing the game



You’ve been marked

Marked by God

Created for purpose

Created to win

That strength to fight another day comes from within



Teen Love Story

The Essence of you lingers

It lingers in the memories

The nights you cared for me

Gave me hope for a future

that this was meant to be

You were 15

in turmoil and strife

believing that a 16 year old would someday make you his wife

Its funny, this life

Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria, Benny and Nina , You and Me

It was a tragic story of love lost as a teen





Sand on my feet

taken from concrete dreams

Watching the waves

drowning out space

Spaces in my mind

Finding time to tell me lies


Pruned to make wine

Bent to make chocolate

Cut to make diamond

Now Imagine what it takes for you to get made.

Between The World and Me

Between The World and Me

What did it mean

When I thought there wasn’t a place for me..

I wasn’t ready

To not be black enough nor

Latin enough

Caught up between two worlds

Wanting to belong

Growing up was tough

My hair was too kinky so they gave me a big cut

Then they criticized my “accent” saying are you really spanish or what

Stop talking black

Stop talking rough

You’re Latin?

You’re not sexy enough

But wait, stop claiming Black

Go back to your Latino camp

Because you have a language & country

You can go back

So why check the box that says black?

Divide and Conquer

This ignorance was wack

Now I’m all grown up

This Vibrant woman full of swag

And I dare you to tell me that I ain’t black!

It Hurts


It Hurts

The wounds inflicted

It Hurts

Why didn’t you advocate for yourself?

It Hurts

Feeling used and abused

It Hurts

Talked about, lied on

It Hurts

I hope that one day when you think of


It Hurts


As I look ahead

I see the promises of the mountaintop within my grasp

As I look within

I feel the triumphs of dreams realized taking hold

And when I look up

I hear you

Proclaiming I am who I say you are

Trust the process

Be vigilant

This dream of yours will take you far


Mi Madre

La Noña

Mi Fortaleza

La Jodona

El amor como el tuyo no me lo da nadie

Sin condiciones

Sin juzgar

No hay nadie que puede tomar tu lugar

Around The Way Girl

Poetry in her eyes

Songs in her feet

You are more than

around the way you see

Don’t feed into what they say

There is depth to your grit

Purpose to your pain

The testimony of your story will be someone else’s gain