Franceli Chapman



Dr.Oz (Featured)                        Aerobics Participant        ABC Studios

Pushing Dreams                         Eden Samuels                    Hollyhood Films        

NY:NY Sitcom                           Nikki Manchini                Horsefly Productions

I Was Just Leaving                 Carter                                  NYU Film

Pecan Swirl                                 Jen                                      Brooklyn College

Mozart of Rap                          Friend                                  MJB Productions

The Making of Tobi              Brianna                                 Emani Studios

The Stuff                                  Flue                                         NY Film Academy

Directing Actors TV            Joanne                                   NTL Comedy Theatre


Heart                                    Charlene                          Woodie King Jr/Castillo

Children of Killers          Guhahamuka               Katori Hall/Castillo Theatre

A Month of Sundays        Cindy                                            WOW Theatre

Blues for Mister Charlie  Juanita                                      Aaron Davis Hall

Colors of Love                  Brittney                                              Roy Arias

Pluto                                   Teeandra                                       Ensemble Studio

Tangled                            Miss Watson                                NFT/Woodie King Jr.

Risky Revolution          News Caster                                   Castillo Theatre

Have You Ever Seen..   Funky Fro                                       Castillo Theatre

Our City                          Erika/Ari                                          All Stars Project!

License to Dream         Shantelle                                           All Stars Project!

Robin Hood                 Friar Tuck                                          Youth Onstage!

Twelfth Night             Viola                                                    Lehman College


NAACP Image Awards       Red Carpet Correspondent                        Houston Style Magazine

Interview w/Orange is the New Black!           Host                                  UNODOSTRES TV



Norfolk State University– B.S. Mass Communications, Minor Theatre Performance

Master Acting Class-Brad Fleischer                               Scene Study-New Federal Theatre/Marishka Phillips

Improv-Marishka Phillips /Marian Rich                          On Camera Technique-Dena Tyler

Singing for Actors-Sharon Spencer                               Commercial Acting-Jagger Kaye

Auditioning Workshop- Destiny Lily                             Ear Prompter-BJ Gianni

Hosting-Julian Dujarric(Channel One News)

SPECIAL SKILLS–Passport, CPR/AED Certified, NY Drivers License, Ice Skating, Roller-Skating, Imitation, Improvisation, Following direction, Cheer-leading, Basic Skiing, Basketball, Rapping, Choreography, Dancing(merengue,salsa,hiphop, Singing Bilingual (English/Spanish)

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