Its been a while since I’ve written a blog. I’ve been VLOGGING on Celi’s Hangout these days. Confessions of an actor, where I share my journey. Click the link to catch up 😉 Today I was compelled to write down my thoughts. A lot of great things have been happening in my life, I thank GOD for those things, yet even in the midst of the blessings life happens. Today I visited a church (will not  name the church for privacy)  and realized while I was there that there were still things on the inside of me that I was holding on to, battling, fighting that needed to be released. I knew that I was needing to go to the Altar and be prayed for but the church decided at the end of service to ask folks to raise their hands if they would commit to give money for the building. Now, I’m well aware that renovations and such are necessary, yet where we were in the atmosphere, the saving of souls were oh so more important. Any whooo to not make this a long drawn out thing I left church disappointed, spirit vexed and feeling heavy still. My amazing sisters in Christ, along with my mom and I decided to head to the movies to support Faith-based film WAR ROOM.  I found myself crying almost the entire movie. (DONT JUDGE ME) LOL It was a great film! Well written and honestly made me reevaluate my own prayer life.

I thought to myself.. Man, where’s my “MISS CLARA?” (gotta watch the movie) but without spoiling, an older woman of GOD who truly can pour into my life. It was beautiful to see a woman helping another woman break strongholds in her life. There is a reminder in the film as well that even after God Blesses you with your Miss Clara, you now must go and reach back and help someone else the way you were helped. So, not only will I be praying for God to send me a Miss Clara but that I can continue to pour into other young women who I can inspire, empower and teach to be the best version of themselves.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.46.55 PM

Sometimes we all have those moments where life feels like a battle, a war of sorts and I’ve seen the power of prayer first hand and the transformation, yet this film truly shows what happens when you TRULY SURRENDER! Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to truly forgive and surrender. Recently I was asked to pray for someone who hurt me.  I could not disobey, although I won’t lie, my flesh wanted to fight it. It can be very difficult to pray for someone you feel has wronged you or hurt you, but its never really ABOUT YOU! We are not fighting against flesh/people, we are fighting principalities much greater in the spiritual realm. If I didn’t Pray for this person, the enemy would win. Praying for them instead of cursing them for what they had done only helps to release whatever I was holding on to. I thank GOD for continuing to show up and show out in my life. For blessing me beyond my own understanding sometimes and teaching me that  in order to truly walk into what God has for me I must pray for those who have wronged/hurt me.war-room-2

After the movie was over and the tears dried. I sat and watched the credits roll, to learn that they had a PRAYER TEAM on set! I was so happy to see that. I told myself, when I have a SET, I want a prayer team on MY SET! If you haven’t seen this film, TAKE EVERYONE YOU LOVE and go see it together. I’m going to set up a “WAR ROOM” of my own, its time to FIGHT back the best way possible! I pray that you find a WAR ROOM of your own, a prayer “closet” that enhances your life. I always pray in the morning and night before I go to bed but now, I’m GOING TO WAR!

Love you guys! Thanks for reading…

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