This week will make 10 months in LA and as I sit here and type I think to myself, last week I almost didn’t make it to this week. Going into the month of December, I was feeling great joy from my birthday & thanksgiving. Even in my Vlog Post I expressed that I was finally getting into my groove here in LA.  At exactly 12am Saturday morning December 6th I was in a major car accident. It knocked the wind out of me and I woke up in a way.

 There have been places in my life where I have been sleeping and that accident was a wake up call.  As I cried my eyes out at Church on Sunday I knew it was out of thankfulness for Gods grace and mercy for saving my life. I just knew I wanted to have a life worth saving (not to say I already don’t) but on a much deeper level. That my life was worth more than being at a job that doesn’t value my leadership, hard-work and christian values. That my life was worth more if I did MUCH MUCH MORE for others. That my life was worth more being disciplined in reading my WORD & being the WORD. So as I count down the days to travel back east to be able to hug & laugh with my family again for the first time since I left in February, I know that God had it all set up! Its GO TIME! Time to go home for the holidays and recharge/regroup. Reconstruct what I want my life in LA to look like. Its not about New Year Resolutions, for me its about NEW LIFE SOLUTIONS!

What do I want in 2015?



New Job, a vehicle, an action plan for my career, and to volunteer much more than I did in 2014.

Its not about chasing the Bright Lights, its about BEING the Bright Light! Your light could shine someone else out of their darkness. Your life is valuable and meaningful and I truly believe we do not leave this earth without accomplishing our purpose. Now what WE may think is our Purpose isn’t always what GOD says our purpose is.

Romans5:3-4 And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulations produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope.

I pray that in 2015, the people I’m already linked to, that we may shed light in one another to make the world a brighter place! and to those I’m no longer to be linked to may God make it an easy GOOD-bye 😉  and for those God will link me to in the future, excited for the new chapters to create!

Love & God Bless!



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  1. keithandre says:

    Just lovely ! LOVED this!!!

  2. Helen says:

    Beautiful and will said…

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