Its here! The fourth quarter of the year, the final stretch and a great time to reflect on how far you’ve come. How did the end of the year get here so fast? Today marks 8 months living in LA, 8 Months and lately I haven’t been my chipper usual self but we all have our days right? The struggle can get real, whether it is financially or emotionally. Life will send you curveballs and mostly what I’ve learned a TEST. Here is another test. A test of your will, your faith and your ability to allow yourself to go through the trenches, the valleys. A diamond is being molded ūüėȬ†

In the midst of life’s stuff some awesome things have happened:

– I booked a co-star role in a new webseries, STYLED BY KREE which will air on Issa Rae’s Channel

– I booked a pilot which is being produced by the Oxygen Channel

– I shot new head shots with photographer Steven Alan Davis

РHad a fantastic workshop with Casting Director  STEPHEN H. SNYDER

РSent in a video audition for Ms.Moviefone!

**New episodes for Celi’s Hangout¬†are up that I’m very proud of!

With all the no’s and things not always going the way you hope and/or plan you can forget that in the midst of the storm there is sun.

I encourage you all to continue to let your light shine! Be great and finish out the year strong! 

Below check out one of the photos from my shoot: Thoughts?



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  1. keithandre says:

    Thrilled for you! Let’s talk sooner than later. I can dig the headshots, back to natural? No glam Looks, and I can tell something wasn’t right with you by the ma movie audition video.

    Keith Andre Collins Actor|Writer


  2. Darrius says:

    Wow. I am proud of you Celi. It has been an amazing journey for you and the best has yet to come. You have embarked upon a path many wish they could travel. Keep pushing and continue to be a motivation to people across the world.

    Remember one small accomplishment a day makes a success week. 52 of those and you in there. 24 Hours From….

    CEO, Next Generation Networking, LLC

  3. Helen says:

    You are a beautiful person inside and out, and I’m hear cheering you on to reach your dreams. Everyday is a struggle and it up to you to reach for the stars..I love you Celi and good luck on your success. ..

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