IMG_1868 At the beginning of this year, I decided that I wanted to send out daily emails of spiritual readings that I was blessed with by a fellow actor. Everyday has been tough at times, (hey life happens) but now, as the 2nd quarter of the year has come into full swing I wanted to share on my blog what the “DAILY WORD” has been for me.  I usually just send what is written in the little book to an email list of what is right now around I think 80+people but ever so often I will write my own little message of what I’m going through or how I’m feeling. It is so freeing to share my thoughts and my testimony with people I love, respect and inspire me! So here is today’s thoughts:

   Hope you are all well and blessed. I must admit this morning I felt off kilter, my energy was off and my mind was racing on trying to figure out all sorts of things going on in my life right now. Even in the storm, the blessings came. Today’s Daily Word was so on point and right on time for me! Last night I had my first dinner here in LA at my house. Friends & Family were over, Dominican food and music were in the air-Awesomeness! Even with all this great stuff happening around me, I was still feeling yucky this morning. I wanted to send the Daily Word but then I got the call to interview Kimberly Elise today about the new film she’s starring in, Apple Mortgage Cake . The day just zoomed by and I went home and watched her new film with my Mom. Great family film! It has some great gems to take away. As I began to write my article for Houston Style Magazine I realized I hadn’t sent my Daily Word out :/ and on the eve of GOOD Friday/Easter weekend I am reminded that even in the midst of blessings I have to take a moment to pause, breathe and acknowledge the moment in order to really feel them. Blessings are all around yet the battle comes when we least expect them. I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my emails, send good vibes my way, and who believes in me even when at times I don’t believe in me. (CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ DAILY WORD)


In my last post, I talked about moving to LA, taking the leap of faith– and after two months in, even with all the great things happening, that faith is tested constantly. Most of us look up to,

admire, wish we could be like… So and So but don’t know what its like to walk a day in their shoes.  Strive to be the greatest version of YOURSELF possible. LOVE YA’LL…



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