On Wednesday, August 21, 2013 I hosted/moderated a cool hangout for Cinematiq Magazine! CINEMATIQ Magazine kicked off their first ever Google Hangout Fund Drive for husband and wife team, Director, Craig Ross Jr  (NCIS, BONES, PRISON BREAK) and Actress, Caryn Ward-Ross (THE GAME, THE SHIELD, GENERAL HOSPITAL)  and their new digital film, THE AFFAIR in conjunction with “Indie Night” at Xen Lounge.  The AFFAIR, will  be shot entirely on the iPhone 5, revolutionizing digital filmmaking.  While I was in Long Island City, NY at the Cinematiq Magazine headquaters, Craig and Caryn  were LIVE in Studio City, CA we “hung” out via Youtube.. Check out the video below: 

The husband and wife producer team exceeded their kickerstarter goal of $15,000! Whoohooo!!  Special Thanks to Cinematiq Magazine founder/producer of the hangout Angel Brown. 

In LA the stars came out to support Craig & Caryn. Some celebrity guest included:  William L. Johnson (BLUE HILL AVENUE), Dan Martin (THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) and his wife, Ella Joyce (TEMPTATION: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor ), Eriq La Salle (ER), Kiki Haynes (Tyler Perry’s FOR BETTER OR WORSE), Keena Ferguson (THE MARRIAGE CHRONICLES), Khalilah Joi (APOLLYON) and a host of others. The film will make it’s debut the start of the new year, 2014. For more information on THE AFFAIR, go to www.theaffair-themovie.com.


Founder Angel Brown & Host Franceli Chapman


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