Castillo Theatre opened its doors on 42nd street in 2003, after years of laying the groundwork of innovative political theater down in the village. I was only a teen when I met Castillo, during a time in my adolescence where I was lost by the notion of wanting to fit in yet knowing all of what I was doing was not conducive to my growth.  On April 29th, I took the long walk down the New York avenues from the train station down to Castillo Theater as I’ve had many times over the last 9 years. I woke up this morning still basking in the wonderful evening I had last night. Artistic Director, Dan Friedman has written a new play and asked many of long time Youth Onstage Alumni to perform in an intimate reading of his new work. Castillo builders and friends were all in attendance. Being able to perform on stage with actors I worked with in 2004/2005 took us all down memory lane. Castillo is home, where my journey in theater truly began.  As I sat during the talk back and looked out into the audience I thought about how far I’ve come, how much I’d developed and how happy I am to be exactly where I was. I don’t think I could ever repay all the wonderful people in that building that did, are, and continue to help me. Castillo has built a community, a place where people of  all walks of life, despite our differences can work together and come through some really difficult situations to create something together. It is truly a special, magical place. Many performers tell me how thankful they are of how giving I am to my fellow acting community or how I’ve helped them. Well, I’m just carrying the Castillo torch with me everywhere I go; Being an artist that helps community rather than tear one another down. In a business that is full of competitiveness I’m glad to perform as a comrade. 🙂  No matter where my art takes me, I remember HOME. I remember Castillo.


L:R Sita Sakar(Playwright,POET, YO!2005) Michael Alcide (Actor Director, YO!2003) and Franceli Chapman(YO! 2004)


Center : Dan Friedman (Artistic Director)



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  1. Sita Sarkar says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Celi! ❤

  2. Marishka says:

    YYour blog is super! I can feel the pride pouring out through your words!!!

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