Today, November 21st marks my one year anniversary at the Public Theater.  I am so  thankful for the opportunity to work at an organization such as the Public. Working here has afforded me the possibility to see such great  work  with amazingly talented actors. Employee perks! From October 9th to November 18th.. Colman Domingo took Public Theater patrons on a magical ride in his piece, Wild With Happy.  During previews, I made sure to tell folks to  get on down to the theater to see this. I knew that if  Colman was in it, it would be a hit! Colman is incredibly talented and I loved him so much in Passing Strange as well as in Spike Lee’s film, Red Hook Summer.  When Wild With Happy opened, I was so elated to attend the opening night party at our new renovated space here on Lafayette Street.  The opening night parties can be a bit intimidating at times, but Colman is such a joy! He is a man of humility and big smiles. After shows when I’m leaving work, I sometimes catch him in the lobby, staying back to greet guest.  Check out this great video clip below…

I’m so glad I was able to see this show before it closed. Wild With Happy is such a great story of love, loss & happy endings.  From the moment the play starts, Colman jumps at us with his presence and fast talking, city slick character Gil. The dynamics of the “black family” & Church are very present in this piece but it stands on its own. Some critics compared it to Tyler Perry and I was appalled. Colman has his own style and used fantasy to tell HIS story which I love!

Colman Domingo and I at the Opening Night Reception!

WWH, resonated so much with me. My father passed away 5 years ago and was cremated as was Gil’s mother. (Colman’s character) “Missing in Acting” is one of my favorite lines from the play! The life of an artist takes sacrifice, one of the biggest ones is time with those you love. We miss out on family time, friend’s engagements, weddings, etc.

I’m a big dreamer! I grew up loving disney movies,”wishing on a star”, storybook endings and hopelessly romanticizing  my prince charming.  Colman’s piece, was beautifully directed by Robert O’Hara.  The set design by Clint Ramos was amazing! What they were able to do in the small space of Luester Hall with the coffins–transforming them  into a closet, a car, and even a park bench was artistically and visually wonderful.

The only female in the cast Sharon Washington, held her own amongst all the men.  In my opinion she stole  the show when she graced the stage in her Cinderella gown. She was my favorite! (a bit feminist I know, lol).  Sharon played two characters with such ease. Most of my friends didn’t even know it was the same actor until the end. Besides being remarkably talented she is extremely humble and has such a beautiful spirit. 

Sharon Washington and I at Wild With Happy Opening Reception

One of the best parts about going to theatre, especially at the Public, you never know who you are going to see or run into. On the final week of the show I went to see the show with a friend and ran into my choreographer Paloma McGregor from Katori Hall’s “Children of Killers”.  Then, as divine intervention would have it, Angela Bassett walks into the theatre with her husband Courtney P Vance and sits next to us!!!! The universe works in such mysterious ways. I just wrapped a show with Katori Hall which was such an amazing journey to now sitting next to Angela Basset who starred in Katori’s Mountaintop! Let’s just say this was the icing on the cake to my evening at the Public. 

Angela Bassett and Me 🙂

I do not take these moments for granted. I am living in the present moment and  soaking up all it has to offer. Looking forward to one day working with these incredible folks that I respect so much! 


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