Soul Bliss presented by MelySmax & Derape Productions celebrated their one year anniversary on Wednesday, November 14th with this great event at R Bar in LES, New York.  Soul Bliss provides a great outlet for artists to perform and showcase their art.  It was created to bring people together and inspire through the arts while promoting peace, positivity & diversity.

Jason Lapin, a wonderful musician opened up the event & poet Nala King wowed the crowd with her piece on Trayvon Martin, but my reason for coming out was Mohammed Dione.

I was so excited to go out and support my good friend. Actors making their own way and creating their own work is the way! Mohammed Dione starred, wrote, directed, and produced his short film Maffe Tiga. Mr.Dione and I go way back to 2005 where we were in a play together, “Our City”.  Since then, he’s relocated to Los Angeles and has screened his film in Africa, Boston, & Chicago.  This was his New York Premiere! It was wonderful to see a film written about the African culture from someone I know. Peanut Butter Stew was served at the event and it was absolutely delicious!

Mohammed Dione addressing the audience before showing the film, TopRight: Name in the credits! Bottom Right: Screen time!

A Caramel Cappuccino Films Production
“Maffe Tiga” (Peanut butter stew) is a romantic dramedy about a young African woman who finds that love is the true connection between her heritage and her future. After struggling to make ends meet and relationship trouble, an unexpected letter from her grandmother reveals that generations of women in her family have faced similar challenges. Rather than giving up they pass down a secret that draws them closer to each other and to their dreams. Oumou must decide if she will draw on the wisdom of her family or try to figure life out on her own.

Maffe Tiga has been selected for the African American Women in Cinema Film Festival,andKenya International Film Festival Trust (KIFFT). Check out more info at

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Our City” Reunion – R:L- Franceli Chapman, Mohammed Dione, Sita Sakar

Some of my Children of Killers cast mates came out to support as well. RtoL: Franceli Chapman, Mohammed Dione, Sidiki Fofana, Andrea Rachel


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