I read a quote that said “All the uni-verse asks is that you put yourself out there and try.”  The Universe was definitely listening on Early Friday, October 12th, 2012. I rounded up some of my buddies to get up bright & early and attend the early screening of Middle of Nowhere with me. In the brisk NYC morning air we made our way to the 10:45 am showing to support. Writer & Director, Ava DuVernay is such a talent! I was happy to show love and although some of my friends never heard of the film or  know what the film was about, they were willing to come see it when I said, “Listen, Ava has made history, she’s the first African-American woman to the director’s award at Sundace for this film. You have to see it!”  We all walked away happy that we did. Middle of Nowhere was such a great film. The writing was exceptional and the movie moved me as an audience member through several emotions. The actors were so good as well.

After the film’s screening women from Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival, UrbanWorld & AAFFRM (African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement) were all present spoke on their support of the film and thanked us for being a good turn out on a Friday morning. About 45 people attended this morning’s screening and we learned that Ava sends a WHOOHOO to us. I put myself out there (reference to quote) and introduced myself to one of the women whom works with UrbanWorld. We had a brief chat on theatre vs film & what I’m currently working on. I went on to tell her about the write up in  Backstage  on “Middle of Nowhere” which she hadn’t seen yet and was happy to show her the article.  She liked that I had done my “homework” and I expressed interest on volunteering with Urbanworld. 

Thanks to a great email sent to me by Edwina Findley (talented actress co-starring in “Middle of Nowhere”) I felt the universe pushing me in that moment to move in that direction. I was so happy to be supporting Edwina today as well. Although I’ve never met her in person, she is so kind, giving and has always lent good words my way via email. 🙂 Kudos to Ms. Findley!

To top off the universes generosity, on my way out of the theatre, there was actress Adepero Oduye. It was  amazing to hug her and just tell her that she’s dope! Her performance in Steel Magnolias was so moving and touching.  Watching such great actors on screen like Edwina, Adepero, and Emayatzy I’m reminded again why I love acting, that it is possible, and most of all women of color are making huge strides and supporting one another while we do it!

“Middle of Nowhere” is nonetheless a model of how well-written roles and close-to-the-bone performances can create a world so vibrant that you realize you’re seeing ordinary lives depicted in exceptional ways. –Tim Grierson, Backstage

Check out the trailer below and most importantly go out to the theaters and support this great piece of art!


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