2012 is here and there is such a battle of culture and identity and I find it to be ever so interesting here in New York. Last night I went out to a Bar that I usually attend and was turned away at the door by a African American bouncer because of the African American men in my party. He said, “No men allowed tonight unless they are regulars” I was so confused since this same group of friends just attended this venue the night before.Then a group of Caucasian men approach the door and are let right in. I was so upset! We leave and go down the street to the pizza place to grab some food, as we leave the establishment my friend realizes that he was not given the correct amount of change. I proceed to the counter to speak in Spanish with the Mexican worker and explain the situation. He was surprised to see me speak the language, looked at my friend and refused to give us the change. My mind at the moment began to race around the fact that for some reason as a “Black Latino” I find myself not “fitting” in as either. I’m so tired of explaining to people that I’m black and their response is “But your Spanish”. 

This post was inspired by my beautiful cousin Kat whom shared this great video with me today on Facebook precisely about this topic! Talk about great timing! So many people are ignorant to our culture, this history. I thank my father, the late Dr. Francisco Chapman PHD (Ethnic Studies Professor) who raised me knowing and understanding this history. At my dad’s funeral there were songs, dance and spoken word very similar to what I saw in this video. I know and understand where I came from and I am a proud to be a Black Latina.

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  1. I’m so glad I stumbled on this video and was able to share! It makes me so sad that our own people question us. I struggled in high school with trying to fit in because my peers felt I wasn’t “black” enough or I didn’t fit in to the mold of what a “Latina” looks like. Well what do we look like?? I was blessed to be a part of a family where we came in a variety of hues from my blackberry complexion, to my cousin caramel cocoa complexion to shortbread complexion. We had different hair textures from Afro-kinky to soft a wavy. What does it mean to truly be a Latina? I decided I will not allow society to dictate WHO I AM & WHAT I SHOULD LOOK LIKE!! I decide and I decided I am an educated, beautiful Afro natural Latina who speaks two languages, love salsa, meringue, hip-hop, pop, country music and can dance her ass off, rocks her curves. I rock my natural textured hair and when I want to I rock a weave, I have beautiful smooth chocolaty skin and I rock my Dominican & Puerto Rican flag proudly and shout Yo soy Latina pa que lo sepas!!!!

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