Where are all the #goaldiggers at!? A coin phrase  turned into her new t-shirt line by Tina Lee Jones. Dedicated, Determined, Ambitious and a Go-Getter are words used to describe Ms. Tina Lee Jones!  An Actress from  Houston, Texas came to the big city to dig for her goals.  Upon arriving to New York, one of her first jobs was working for the legendary Tony Bennett at RPM Music. She later went on to work for Russell Simmons and became the Executive Assistant to Dr. Benjamin Chavis at the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network. After realizing her true calling, she strategically planned her exit and then decided to step out on faith and pursue her life’s dreams and goals.

“Tina Lee Jones” has a resume that consists of three voice-overs and two on camera commercial leads for BET and much more. “Tina Lee Jones” completed her lead role in feature film ‘My Obsessed Tenant’, which is now being submitted to several film festivals. Recently Ms. Jones accepted another lead role in the short film, ‘The Bad Sister’ written and directed by Sheba Jordan. She made her New York stage debut co-staring in the Equity Production of ‘Love and Hilarity’ with Love Creek Productions.  

Taking her career into her own hands, she branched out and became  the owner/creator of the “GOAL DIGGER” T-Shirt which can be purchased at www.tinaleejones.com. To follow all of Tina’s adventures, follow her on Twitter- @tinaleejones

On May 18, 2011 the Goal Digger movement had its first sponsorship event.  Tina Lee Jones sponsored the Extreme Dreamers website launch party.  The Extreme Dreamers, founded by Jonell ‘Young Harlem’ Green, is an organization whose purpose is to empower others through fashion, music, literature & film. 

Celitheactress and her t-shirt


I was very happy to attend this event and support Extreme Dreamers as well as Tina Lee Jones. Be sure to check out the website www.extremedreamers.com as well as the video below of the event. I was able to be in the video as well, and plug celitheactress.


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