Almost a full week into the new year and I’ve already encountered some tough obstacles trying to come my way. It makes sense though, I’ll tell you why. For New Year’s my cousin and I  made vision boards. If your not familiar with it, it is a collage of images, symbols and words that represent you. Your vision board should consist of the things you want, where you see yourself, your goals and dreams. It should be a visual road map you can look at everyday. Visualize it, Speak it, Be it! For my first vision board I wasn’t modest at all, and with that being said,the obstacles are coming my way already. I speak to many actors, theatre artists and creative folks alike who all say, it will not be easy. Growing and developing is hard! You have to push yourself to go beyond what others think of you or how far they think you can go or what even you think of you! Move beyond that and fly is my advice to self. (hahahaha) Now, although development comes within self. We can not do this alone. All great leaders have the support of great people around them that keep them grounded and push them to higher heights. Be mindful of the people you keep around you.   I’ve had some  folks around me that were toxic to my growth, but it was so hard to let them go. We grew up together, I love him, I don’t want to lose another friend. All my excuses that stunted my growth. I had to move beyond my thoughts and realize that people change, things change, and they are not to be in my life anymore. Today I took a big step in my growth, (That I shall keep to myself) and another step into my emotional development I go.

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I’ve been carrying this around lately and just finished reading it. What an amazing read! Maya Angelou has endured and flown past herself and several obstacles. While I may be familiar with her poetry, not so much her life. Letter to My Daughter, first published in 2008, are short chapters of mini snippets into Angelou’s life. As I read, I felt like she was giving me advice, telling me her story and how those trials have all taught her how to be a better daughter, mother, and woman. Here are some quotes I really enjoyed:

“You may not control all the event that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. Do not complain. Make every effort to change things you do not like. If you cannot make a change, change the way you have been thinking. You might find a new solution.”

“Never whine. Whining lets a brute know that a victim is in the neighborhood.”

“Be certain that you do not die without having done something wonderful for humanity.”

I had many more but if you like, pick this one up and find your own.

I will continue to grow & develop in 2011





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  1. Great Job! Anyone striving something in 2011 can gain encouragement reading this. You know I needed it. Gracias!

  2. Terell T. says:

    Nice piece Ms. Celi, I don’t think I’ve really looked into Ms. Maya Angelou’s life either but her quotes are always on point. I might have to pick that book up for myself or pass it along to some people I know could benefit from it. Keep pushing forward lady!

  3. Crystal says:

    Well said!

  4. Marisol Chapman says:

    Very inspirational! I loved ur blog I will also get the book and pass it on to my daughter. Thanks Franceli

  5. Vantroi Chapman says:

    People usually dim their light so they don’t make anyone else feel uncomfortable. Make sure your light shines soo bright, it inspires others to have their light shine brighter also. Don’t dim your light for anyone! Shine girl, SHINE!!! I love you.

  6. Marian says:

    Love your blog, Franceli. Your Maya Angelou quotes made me think of Woodie King Jr directing Lenora Fulani and telling her to think of Maya Angelou and other great African American women – how they walk and how they talk – and watching Lenora go beyond herself to embrace so many powerful Black women, not just the way SHE knows to be powerful. It was beautiful. We share a love of the theatre. You inspire me.

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