Last weekend, I was in this play reading “Pluto” by Bridgette Wimberly, directed by Woodie King Jr. Bridgette Wimberly is an award winning poet and author of seven plays. Her work has been commissioned, work shopped and/or produced by The Alliance Theatre, Arena Stage, The Castillo Theatre, The Cherry Lane Theatre, The Cleveland Play House, The Ensemble Studio Theatre, Here/Tiny Mythic Theatre, Karamu Theatre, Kuntu Repertory Theatre, Manhattan Theater Club, St. Louis Black Repertory Theatre, and The Women’s Project.

What a joy! God has blessed me with yet another opportunity to use the wondrous talent and instrument he has given me to perform. I used to get worried about whether or not I was “doing” it right, but now I learn to trust God and my instrument and continue to hone my craft to continuously become better. I was able to work with such a wonderful cast. Not only was everyone so nice, and giving but they are so talented.

From Left to Right: Janel C.Scarborough,Petronia Paley,Yvette Ganier, Franceli Chapman, Marcus Carl Franklin, Peter Lawson Jones

Like most play readings, we had a talk back after the first night, and Ruby Dee was in the audience! Ruby Dee had asked why was the Play titled “Pluto”. Ms. Wimberly knows Frederick P. Rose, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History. He is also the author of the book, “The Pluto Flies”. She had read his book before it had even been published. The book inspired the play and what she hopes the audience will get from the play is that there is a little bit of “Pluto” in all of us.

From Left to Right: Audience Member(Name Unavailable), Petronia Paley, Frederick P. Rose, Bridgette A. Wimberly, Franceli Chapman, Woodie King Jr, Name Unavailable

I got an amazing email from the playwright the next day: What a vibrant spark you were to this play.  I was surprised at the talkback how many comments we got about your character’s pain (Tea’s mother dying of Lupus) and the understanding and concern she has for LW.  I loved the charm, strength and effervescence you brought to this character.  Thank you.  I hope we can work together again.
All my best to you.

*God is showing me the path…. I thank him and give him all the GLORY!*


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  1. Tim says:

    Thanks so much for being a part of OCTOBERFEST 2010 at the Ensemble Studio Theatre! It’s a busy, thrilling time of year at our theater, full of talented artists developing new and exciting material. I’m glad you enjoyed the experience! We hope to see you back here again some time.

    Tim Scales
    Ensemble Studio Theatre

  2. Sazzle! says:

    NOw Celi, you KNOW I’ve been reading your blog, I have just never figured how to actually comment on it… ButI have seen the light! Girl! I am so proud of you. Look at you doing your THANG! And giving God the glory… Celi, all i can say is congratulations! I love watching you work and look forward to hearing more about your climbing endeavours 🙂
    God bless and as He reminded me this morning, HE GOT YOUR BACK!!! 🙂

    Much love sis!

  3. Nicole says:

    Definitely didn’t Ruby Dee was there! Love her…
    But of course you should trust your talent, boo! You work magic up there.
    Definitely glad that the important people of theatre are taking notice. The blessings of your being a major actress are coming. It’s just all in due time.

    Continue to get more and more focused and efficient. You will def be BIG!

    SN: I want to know more of what “Pluto” is about. Really mad that I missed it =/

  4. Brn Skn says:

    you did such a good job in your reading…I’m so proud of you! That was my first time going to a play reading. I must attend more.

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