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A year late, but never the less, AMAZED, INSPIRED… It gave me life! I must admit that I do not do well with keeping up with the Jones’s but honestly I think I kind of like rediscovering the phenomenon of such greatness after the craze has died down. What an amazing story!! I know I’m not the only person on the planet who hadn’t seen this film yet so who knows maybe some will watch and let me know what they think. 😉

As seen in the poster “Based on Two True Stories” Julie & Julia really embodies the essence of the beauty in the Human spirit. How discovering and rediscovering yourself is such a journey, a journey in which shows us what makes life so beautiful. There needs to be a multitude of spirits inspiring spirits.

When I watched the Academy Awards this year and Meryl Streep was up for Best Actress for her role in this film I couldn’t really make much of it since I hadn’t seen the film. (SADLY, I KNOW) I must say though I did want her to win. I respect her work and I felt it was that time for her to win, even if I didn’t see the movie. Although she didn’t win, after watching this film, In the words of a friend of mine, ” Meryl is stupendous , a brilliant character actress.”

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Amy Adams character, Julie began a blog several years ago on how the life and cook book of Julia Child (Meryl’s Character) inspired and ultimately changed her life. I joined the blogging world not to0 long ago. I’m still getting the nack for it and learning as I go. Blogging has grown to be a huge phenomenon and I’m not sure where I fit in all of that, I just know I enjoy writing.

From a very shy age I loved to write. I never paid mind to it so much, I just kind of went with the motions. I went through a diary phase but couldn’t keep up with really writing every day, poetry phase and then I went through a rapping phase where I wrote lyrics, a short story phase, and even began writing what I thought would be a book. I can go on and on. Through out the short time I’ve been on this earth, I’ve been discovering and rediscovering different parts of who I am but I was always writing and then even left writing alone for a while. This year I have rediscovered that writing is an amazing tool in so many ways and this film Julie & Julia placed the cherry on my sundae.

Teachers, professors and even my mom have told me that I should write a book or write for a newspaper. They said I talked too much I should write it down, or like my mom, people just really believed in my writing, but I didn’t see in myself what others saw in me so my talent stayed dormant. I began semi blogging on another site as a start  last year. My friend then asked me to be a contributor for a webzine she began as a writer. ( Shortly after I then joined a play writing workshop where I will have to admit even after this I still doubted myself and thought,

” Could I really write a play?”

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I am proud to say that in July of this year, my play, “A Work in Progress” was read by actors at Castillo Theatre as a workshop performance with an audience for feedback for the playwright. I knew I had done something right when one of the audience members began to cry as she expressed how the play touched her.

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Then, this summer I was fortunate enough to meet Elinor Tatum, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of the Amsterdam News, and NY Times Journalist Trymaine Lee. Meeting them and hearing their inspiring tales of writing, overcoming, tragedy, and success my eyes widen. I was taken to another world of writing I didn’t think was possible. I was ecstatic when Ms.Tatum said she’d read my blog. I hope she does! 🙂

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And now this film, Julie & Julia. Confirming to me that when you put your love and passion for something and write about it you will discover many things.

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I am discovering the joy of writing, blogging, and impacting others through my writing.

It has taken me some time to be discipled in this feat, but it’s all a “Work in Progress”


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  1. Nicole says:

    I am happy that you found how much writing is apart of your life. Many people look over the fact that writing can be such an amazing tool, but the ones that do see it– feel it too. Becoming a playwright is soooo you! I think whatever you touch will turn to gold anyway 🙂

    I haven’t seen this movie, but if it has an inspiring nature to it, I just might have to.

    Again, follow your heart. If all the signs in your life are pointing to becoming a writer, ask God for the confirmation, && do just that

  2. Odie says:

    Yes! Lord knows I love Meryl Streep!
    One, I know EXACTLY how it feels to be heavily criticized by professors about my writing…so what did I do? Majored in English!
    Anywho, what’s mostly important about writing a play is PASSION. And you my dear have it! You are a fan of theater, so you know what people will and will not want to see. The best thing to do, is just DO IT.

    Believe in yourself Mami!

  3. Bravespirited says:

    this movie was really sweet! i loved it! the growing pains/pleasures of the couples is so true!

  4. Sazzle! says:

    Yes indeedt! A Work In Progress! Well you know I gave you my ESSAY long opinion on it, even after MONTHS! lol… But for reals, I think as a creative people, we have sooo much to share but don’t always have the most effective or available mediums through which we can share what’s all bottled up inside! I myself, not to long ago joined the blogging world and the more I read your posts are the more I begin to feel like YEA! I’m not alone and I’m not crazy… Keep on blogging and just getting everything that’s inside there out in as many mediums as possible! There are oft many paths to one destination – find the one that’s tailored for your feet!

    Love you as always!

  5. MizLo says:

    you have lots to say and your voice is clear. i was thrilled to see your work read aloud this summer and look forward to more like it. you should write every day – no matter what it is – b/c once it’s down on paper you can revisit it as often as you wish. you can reimagine, recast, remold and revise to your heart’s content. but, until you hit the NYT bestseller list, keep your dayjob! xxx

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