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Being an actor is something that thousands, even millions of other people want to do and/or are doing. It is a challenging craft that takes an emotional toll at times on our spirit. It is important to keep people around you who not only are positive but that can be your greatest assets.

I have  a good friend of mine from college, Keith Andre Collins whom aspires to move to the big city for his craft. We have constant conversations about the many actors around us who are extremely talented but have lack of drive and/or motivation. We continue to inspire each other and motivate each other to keep our hearts in this. WE suggest to each other books, classes, seminars, photographers, videos, etc. Check out his blog ….

Recently he suggested this video to me, clips of  Will Smith and his valuable wisdom. PLEASE WATCH IT IS AMAZING!

“People cant do something themselves they want to tell you, you can’t do it.”

-Pursuit of Happiness:Will Smith


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  1. Nicole says:

    I love this post because it’s inspiring!
    “I know who I am && what I believe…”– more people need to learn this and stand firmly behind just that. I can’t speak for acting, but on behalf of the writers, we require the same circle of people who are positive.

    We have dedicate ourselves to our craft. You and Keith are both amazing people, and I know that you two will make it. Hands down!

  2. Bravespirited says:

    I liked this clip for the most part. however, there are some things he DIDN’T say that said a lot! it is inspirational though. you should come over to my place and we’ll discuss..over food and wine of course!

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