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Thursday, April 22, 2010 NYC was buzzing for the 75th Annual NFL Draft.The streets were filled with people, cops, & GMC Trucks all around Radio City Music Hall.  Sometime last week, I got an email—> “Calling all Football Fans.” They were looking for people to be at the Red Carpet for the NFL Draft. I seized the opportunity. This year was the first time that the Draft was shown during prime time.

Deion Sanders! NFL NETWORK

Being able to stand five feet away from Deion Sanders was just surreal! I was at the center of all the madness! Susie, ESPN Correspondent looked great and all the men fans went wild for her. As I stood there I thought, man I’m one step closer to being on the other side of this carpet. It felt good to be amongst the fans & the energy. Football Fans came in the numbers with their team paraphernalia.


Growing up with 5 Brothers I’ve always loved Sports but to be frankly honest, there was so much about Sports I didn’t know; I just liked them because of them. As the baby girl, I wanted to be like my brothers!  I played a little basketball in junior high-school, and as a cheerleader in college watching Football all the time I knew the game for the most part. But I believe a true fan knows THEIR TEAM! When I tell people I’m a Redskins Fan they can not grasp that concept since I’m a New Yorker. 🙂 I used to be a New York Fan, but I didnt know anything about the team! I was a fan just because I was from NY. After going to school in Virgina, I was introduced to the HOG PRIDE! I started to actually watch RedSkins TV and really began to  LEARN FOOTBALL. I’m proud to be a RedSkin Fan! If you got something to say…  GO HEAD! LOL 🙂

Lexi & Myself on the Red Carpet!

Thanks to my chica @AlexisJayVa from Norfolk State University. She moved to the big city and is on her grind! Although she’s not the biggest football fan she came out with me and we rocked out!!  It felt good to be there and actually know who the players were… hahahhahaha… Jerry Rice & Dan Marino strolled the red carpet…

Dan Marino& Jerry Rice waving to the crowd!

My little brother called me last night and he’s a big Eagles Fan, so you know he wasn’t too happy with me when I became a Redskins Fan. He tells me it’s not cool that I now want to learn about football and become a fan of his rival team, in his conference who took his favorite player McNabb. HAhAHAHA 🙂

Can’t wait for Football Season to begin! It will be an interesting one and definitely full of debates with an Eagles fan in my home. Welcome & Congrats to TRENT WILLIAMS… (Offensive Tackle) to the REDSKINS!


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